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Did you know...

  • an average shower uses 35 to 40 gallons of water
  • a top load washer uses about 35 gallons per load
  • a single at-home car wash may slurp up as much as 100 to 140 gallons of water
  • but, Big Green uses only 28 gallons of fresh water per car plus some recycled water
  • Big Green reclaims about 60% of all water used, filters and sanitizes it…and uses it again
  • water that can’t be recycled is captured in a system that does not pollute the environment

And that's not all!

Big Green

  • uses the most water-efficient nozzles and machinery
  • buys environmentally friendly products that reduce packaging and use less energy to manufacture
  • saved a 1973 vintage building for adaptive reuse…and the landfill from tons of construction debris